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19th Century Travellers and the Victorian Empire
People whose life involved travel, or who died abroad and are commemorated here

War and Military Graves

Who’s Who at Lister Lane
Most well-known personages

Plant Stories:
Botanical traditions of some of the wild flowers found at Lister Lane

Map of numbered
grave plots
“Ben Rushton, Handloom Weaver and Chartist”
An illustrated biographical booklet
 by Dr John A. Hargreaves.
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Published for the Friends of
Lister Lane Cemetery
for Halifax’s Chartist Festival. 2006
The Halifax General Cemetery, Lister lane, was opened in 1841. It covers three acres of land, laid out around a neo-classical chapel (now derelict) and a raised terrace with views across Halifax to Beacon Hill. It is registered on the list of Historic Parks and Gardens, and has some interesting monuments, particularly the gothic spires and obelisks along the main pathway.

It`s memorials provide an index of the people who shaped the development of Halifax during its period of spectacular growth in the 19th Century, a period which defined the way the town still looks today. Some of its many stories of local importance can be referenced through our leaflets or on the People page.

The Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery was formed in 1999. In collaboration with Calderdale MBC, the volunteers attempt to promote the upkeep and public profile of the site. New members and supporters are always welcome.

See calendar page for special opening dates.

The site is open on Wednesday from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm. It is also open from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm most Sundays (weather permitting) when the Friends of the cemetery are working there and tools can be borrowed or help given if you want to tidy a relative’s grave.

For access at other times please telephone 01422 260177. Visitors are very welcome and we are delighted to help if asked. The cemetery is the property of CMBC and kept locked at other times for public safety.

Please read the safety notice when you enter.

The Friends of Lister Lane would like to identify as many of the individuals buried here as possible.
Can you help ?

Information about those buried here  is kept on file, and may be made accessible to interested enquirers or visitors. Copies of our files will be lodged at the West Yorkshire Archives, Halifax Central Library.

If you have any material of this kind which you would be happy to share, a biographical resume, photos, or if you would simply like to register your connection with one of the graves, please write or email the Friends.

If you are looking for relatives’ graves we can check funeral records, names & plot numbers and send results for a contribution of £5 towards time & expenses.

New publication funded by the ‘All Our Stories’ programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund


Lister Lane Cemetery

History, Residents, Legacy


Detailing a brief history of the Cemetery and some of those buried and commemorated here.

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The Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery are very  proud and pleased to have received the following award from the Royal Horticultural Society and Yorkshire in Bloom.